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HD Drill Rigs at 3rd Runway Job Site

HD is proud to play a part in the construction of the 3rd Runway System (3RS) of the Hong Kong International Airport. The total estimated construction cost of the project is over HK$140 billion (US$ 18 billion), making it one of the biggest infrastructure construction projects in Hong Kong to date. The 3RS project, which the construction began in 2016, is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Upon completion, a new 3,800-metre-long runway and the T2 Concourse and an associated apron etc., together with the existing facilities, the Airport will be able to handle the fast-growing number of passengers, cargo and aircraft movements the international city is expected to face.

Currently, our customers have deployed over a dozen units of HD crawler drill, including HD325P, HD3250 and HD3240 drill rigs, and a Casagrande C35 drill rig, for 813mm clutched piles and 610mm pre-bored H piles in parts of the 3RS project. Besides, a large amount of DTH drilling tools for the applications of pre-bored H piles, soldier piles and water well holes etc., are supplied by us, including 24” DTH hammer, 813mm underreamers, and ring bits.

posted on 24 Aug 2021