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About us


Your Long-Time Partner since 1976

HD Engineering is a Hong Kong based design, engineering and manufacturing company of drilling rigs and equipment for the construction, mining, water well and exploration industries. It represents the synthesis of Western high technology with the intellect and industrial acumen of the East.

The Philosophy of HD Engineering is to design, innovate and manufacture products to embody the latest technology, high quality, maximum reliability and long operational life - and yet at the same time be practical and cost effective. Our machines are designed for the people in the field. We listen to their needs and build products to serve them better. We constantly strive to adopt methods, processes and materials that are beneficial to the environment and people around us.

As a partner to both our customers and suppliers, and being close to the market as well as being with the development of drilling technology, HD is there to provide solutions to drilling needs. From our modest beginning over 45 years ago, we are today a vibrant company that is internationally recognized, as manufacturer and supplier of quality equipment.


2019 Hong Kong Awards for Industries
Equipment and Machinery Design Certificate of Merit
Hydraulic Drilling Machine HD325 series

The machine provides a solution to the problem of confined space of construction sites in Hong Kong.
It can be used in construction site that have confined/ small area or are under bridges, for example,
its mast, control arm and crawler can be folder and retracted. Machine setup is straight-forward - it only
needs two persons and takes 10 minutes to set up the machine. The machine is cheaper than other similar
machines in the market and it is already used in a number of construction sites.

1998 CMA Machinery and Equipment Design Award
Hydraulic Drilling Machine HD400

The machine is designed for piling and foundation industry to perform a wide range of drilling operation.
Its unique folded mast can be erected to nearly 24m within 15 minutes which minimizes the number of drill
extensions, thus reduced the cost and time involved significantly. It also incorporates the latest hydraulics
technology with load sensors to provide on-demand power sensing.

1993 CMA Machinery and Equipment Design Award
Hydraulic Drilling Machine HD120S-A

The machine provides operators with HD Engineering's unique, integral Jack Step System which, in utilizing
the rig's two rear jacks and the mast shift ram, enables it to turn in a space within its own; length. The rear jacks
also provide good stability during drilling. The machine has been sound proofed in an attempt to reduce noise pollution
and is judged to be very competitive on price.