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A powerful hydraulic drill rig HD202 arrived at USA, and will be out on a job site in New York, drilling soon.

This fully hydraulic drill rig, HD202 , with a turn-table, is designed and built with a few special-request features for the US market. This compact, sturdy and powerful machine, is driven by an environmental friendly diesel engine, Tier 4 Final type..........

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posted on 25 Mar 2022


New model HD160B-A is working in USA /
HD202 on the way to USA

New model for US market - the HD160B-A is a special-designed drill rig for the US market, a compact, sturdy and powerful machine. The first unit has arrived at USA and is now working.

The special features on the HD160B-A are according to the users' requirement, such as powerful double head, dual control (radio remote control, or hydraulic control)......

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posted on 22 Nov 2021

HD drill rigs at 3rd Runway job site

HD Drill Rigs at 3 rd Runway Job Site

HD is proud to play a part in the construction of the 3rd Runway System (3RS) of the Hong Kong International Airport. The total estimated construction cost of the project is over HK$140 billion (US$ 18 billion), making it one of the biggest infrastructure construction projects in Hong Kong to date. The 3RS project, which the construction began in 2016, is scheduled to be completed in 2024........

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posted on 24 Aug 2021

45th Logo

HD 45th Anniversary !

Being established in 1976, this year marks the 45th anniversary of HD Engineering. Thank you to the great and continuous support from our customers and partners, HD have had remarkable achievements and accomplishments in past years. HD will keep working hard, and continue to supply quality equipment for your needs, and stay to be your trustworthy long-time partner.

posted on 22 Feb 2021

Horizontal Thrust Boring Machine

New product - Horizontal Thrust Boring Machine

HD has further developed a series of horizontal thrust boring machines for trenchless installation of underground utility ducts. Please see the "other drills" section under "product range" or contact us directly for more information.

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posted on 22 Feb 2021