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Application - DTH Reverse Circulation Hammer Drilling


With a range of powerful HD Drilling rigs equipped with high-torque and hollow hole rotators, the DTH R.C. hammer drilling systems has become very popular, with the single RC hammer drilling systems for large diameter rock drilling.

Working together with dual wall pipes or RC flange pipes, with cuttings being discharged in the centre of the RC button bit and RC hammer, or Multi-Drill hammer and bit, it is proven to be a reliable drilling method for deep hole drilling and soil sample collection. Besides, the disturbance to the ground is kept minimum, and for drilling rock, the penetration rate is outstandingly high. For large diameter rock drilling, Ø600mm to Ø1000mm, it has been proven to be more cost-effective than the conventional DTH hammer drilling, and rotary drilling.

This drilling methods are well suited with HD70R, HD110-3, HD180, HD200, HD205P, HD325-P and HD Pile Top Drilling Rig.