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The NEW model for the HD325 series drilling rig has been launched this year

HD3260 (the 3rd generation of the HD325 series)

The new drilling rig is designed and built according to the highest requirement from the foundation drilling market - bigger diameter and deeper piles.

The newly designed and built super high torque rotator, HR12000, with 12 t-m torque, and the heavy duty built drill mast with high pull back force, 60 tonnes , are the two main features for this new model – HD3260.

The improved of the heavy duty drill mast arrangement together with the sturdy machine body, makes the HD3260 drilling rig, very stable and balanced when drilling. Besides, the “self-folding” feature on the HD3250 is kept and continued on the HD3260, as it makes the mobilisation of the rig easy and quick.

Recently, the HD3260 hydraulic drilling rigs have been drilling 610 mm dia. interlock piles, on the 3rd Runway Project

posted on 18 Sep 2023