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New model HD160B-A is working in USA / HD202 on the way to USA

New model for US market - the HD160B-A is a special-designed drill rig for the US market, a compact, sturdy and powerful machine. The first unit has arrived at USA and is now working.

The special features on the HD160B-A are according to the users' requirement, such as powerful double head, dual control (radio remote control, or hydraulic control), side swing device for the mast, double clamp with upper clamp being able to travel up and down, and etc. Besides, the HD160B-A is driven by the most up-dated environmental friendly diesel engine, Tier 4 Final type, 155HP

Meanwhile, there is also a HD202 hydraulic drill rig with special features for US market, on the way to the USA, arriving there by the end of this year.

posted on 22 Nov 2021