b1 eng 繁 簡

The HD70RW is a special waterwell drill version of the HD 70 base machine. Standard units are designed to be very compact machines that are suitable for off road transport in rough terrain. They are configured as mud rotary machines with a 5x6 mud pump on board. Air on board versions are also available. The drills are mounted on 175 hp Ford 4x4 trucks with PTO drive for hydraulics. Alternatively they can be supplied a skid mounted units with deck engines for mounting onto a truck of the customers choice. They are ideally suited for drilling waterwells using 2-7/8" or 3-1/2" OD pipes to an average depth of 200 meters (660 fts)

Appplications :
* DTH Drilling
* Augering
* Rotary Drilling (Tricone Bits and Drag Bits)
* Coring

Truck Mounted