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Soil Nail
This is a popular method of soil stabilization employed for retention of slopes. A series of angled holes are drilled and grouted up with reinforcement. Unlike anchors, the reinforcing bars are not post tensioned. In many cases the slopes are very steep and only light weight equipment can be used. Our hydraulic and nail drills are very light-weight and widely used.

Hydraulic Portable Drill
This hydraulic portable drill is mounted on a skid with 4 pcs. levelling jacks, and is fully hydraulic, driven by a diesel engine. The drill mast is hydraulically shifted side way, enabling to drill different holes without moving the drill.

Weight = 1.4 tons (3080lbs)
Power = 23kw (30HP

Appplications :
* Rotary Drilling - (Tricone Bits and Drag Bits)
* DTH Drilling
* Coring
* Augering
* Drifter Drilling

Portable Drills