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The HD90MKV is the 5th generation of our HD90 series of machines. It is a very versatile medium range drill rig that has good articulated kinematics with the boom and turntable undercarriage. This makes it a highly flexible machine when holes have to be drilled at various angles and different positions. It features oscillating tracks, a bearing turntable, and a choice of drill heads or hydraulic drifters for any type of job. It is especially suited for anchor drilling using drifters, and other slope stabilization jobs. It has powerful traction drives that enable the machine to traverse rough terrain.

- Weight = 9.8 tons (21,560 lbs)
- Power = 106 kw (142 HP)
- Rotator max. torque = 10,730 Nm (7,893 ft.lb)
   (Equipped with HR1100 rotator)
- Feed max. force = 2,700 kg (5,940 lb)
- Pullback max. force = 5,100 kg (11,220 lb)

Applications :
* Drifter drilling
* DTH Drilling
* Augering
* Rotary Drilling (Tricone Bits and Drag Bits)
* Coring