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The HD70R range of machine are powerful fixed undercarriage type units that serve the niche of rotary and percussive drilling for vertical and slightly inclined holes. They can be outfitted with onboard accessories such as freefall winches and flushing pumps, making them fully self contained mobile drills. A choice of masts with pullback capacities and the high-torque rotator (with max. 1500 kgm torque can be provided to suit most applications.

- Weight = 8 tons (17,600 lbs)
- Power = 52 kw (70 HP)
- Rotator max. torque = 8,500 Nm (6,146 ft.lb)
  (Equipped with HR850 rotator)
- Feed max. force = 2.7 tons (5,940 lb)
- Pullback max. force = 5.1 tons (11,220 lb)

Applications :
* DTH Drilling
* Augering
* Rotary Drilling (Tricone Bits and Drag Bits)
* Coring