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The HD50K-S of machines are compact unit that can be outfitted for various types of applicationsthat require compact self contained machines in limited access job sites. The high-torque rotator on it can produce up to 1100 kgm torque. It can be fitted with short masts with electric motor drive for underground applications as well as long stroke masts for normal applications. The rig features an expandable traction undercarriage for stability on uneven ground. A range of modular packages can be offered with this machine to suit most drilling conditions. More powerful engines are available on the model HD50K-S.

Weight = 6.5 tons (14,300 lbs.)
Power = 46 kw (62 HP)

Applications :
* DTH Drilling
* Augering
* Rotary Drilling (Tricone Bits and Drag Bits)
* Coring