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The HD3250 is the newest version of HD325 series drill rig, mainly for large dia. piling work, especially DTH hammer drilling to 813 mm dia. The machine weights around 44 tons and has a 18m long self erecting mast, This rig is ideal for a wide range of large diameter piling work and deep foundation piles. Suitable options are available for rotary drilling and augering.

The important and useful features of this rig are a high torque rotator, a drilling stroke of 14.5 m, heavy-duty pullback 50 tons. With the hydraulic foldable mast, and expandable crawler track, it is easy and simple to set up the machine on the site, and transportation is very simple.

- Weight = 44 tons (96,800 lbs)
- Power = 205 kw (275 HP)
- Rotator max. torque = 120,000 Nm (86,760 ft.lb)
- Pullback max. force = 50 tons (110,000 lb)

Applications :
* Large Diameter DTH Drilling (up to 1.5m diameter)
* Large Diameter Augering
* Large Diameter Rotary Drilling