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The HD205P is the same class of machine as the HD200, but is configured for mainly vertical piling and predrilling applications. The longer mast is capable of handling 9m (30') rods and a wide range of high torque rotators (up to 6000 kgm torque) are available for most applications. It is especially suited for large diameter DTH hammer applications and incorporates a built in shock absorption system.

- Weight = 35.5 tons (78,100 lbs)
- Power = 152 kw (204 HP)
- Rotator max. torque = 60,000 Nm (43,380 ft.lb)
   (Equipped with HR6000 rotator)
- Feed max. force = 20 tons (44,000 lb)
- Pullback max. force = 20 tons (44,000 lb)

Applications :
* Large Diameter DTH Drilling
* Large Diameter Augering
* Rotary Drilling (Tricone Bits and Drag Bits)