b1 eng 繁 簡

The HD180S-A is an up-graded version of our previous HD120, with higher power engine, also excellent articulation, and ideal machine for high-torque hydraulic drifter of over 2,400 kgm (17,300 ft lb) torque. It can also be mounted with a super high-torque rotator (up to 24,000 kgm or 17,300 ft. lb. torque). This machine is ideal for anchor drilling using drifters and large diameter piles using high-torque rotators. The optional item, mast extension, enables the rig to drill with 6m long drill rod.

Weight = 12,000Kg (26,400lbs)
Power = 129kw (173HP)

Applications :
* Double Head Drilling
* Drifter Drilling
* DTH Drilling
* Augering
* Rotary Drilling (Tricone Bits and Drag Bits)
* Coring


with mast extension,
drilling with 6mlong drill rod