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HD offers a range of DTH hammers and underreaming systems, both conventional and reverse-circulation (RC). And, for the large diameter DTH RC hammer drilling systems, with the single RC hammer drilling systems for 300 – 1000 mm dia.

Concentric Underreamers 190 mm to 1200 mm
DTH Ring Bit Systems Up to ø1000mm

Wirth Pile Top Drill with 30" DTH RC Hammer and 950 mm RC Bit.
Casagrande Piling Rig with 30" DTH RC Hammer and 1000 mm RC Bit.

HD325P drilling with 24" DTH RC Hammer and 660 mm RC Bit

DTH Drilling System

with 30" DTH RC Hammer

HD325P Drilling with 18" DTH Hammer and 610mm Underreamer

HD205P DTH Hammer Drilling 1150 mm